Shooting Assignment : Singapore Beaches

I was given the assignment for shooting 4 beaches of Singapore. Punggol beach, Changi beach, Pasir Ris beach and East Coast. Started out early in the day, 7 a.m! With the Nikon D800 and 14-24mm, I set out with no idea that the d800 is going to amaze me during post processing that much. NEF recording setting, lossy compressed. Well, I was thinking a 36 mp file is too huge to handle.. And shooting raw is already sufficient. Regretted that choice, now it leaves me wondering how much better the shadow details could have been for the HDR processing from Lightroom.

Right, the files were only processed in Lightroom. It sure feels like it went through some HDR processing. Enjoy!

One star-3145.jpgOne star-3149.jpgOne star-3152.jpgOne star-3158.jpgOne star-3165.jpgOne star-3177.jpgOne star-3196.jpgOne star-3198.jpgOne star-3204.jpgOne star-3207.jpgOne star-3218.jpg

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Pixel Vertax MB-D12 Arrived

Received it after 2 weeks from ebay. First impression when opening the package : Wow! That’s a lot of bubble wrapping for some grip. The grip fits quite nicely to the body, I can see that its quite well made. There is the metal plate at the base of the grip which I think will add to the strength when a rapid strap system is used.

The rubber part is quite grippy, some may not like the feel. It is quite big for my hands to hold too, asian hands. The shutter button is soft, so those using half press shutter method may not be used to it. Well, overall im pretty satisfied with the amount I paid (S$120) for this grip. Below are some pictures of the unboxing.

MB-D12 D800-1726.jpgMB-D12 D800-1730.jpgMB-D12 D800-1732.jpgMB-D12 D800-1740.jpgMB-D12 D800-1742.jpgMB-D12 D800-1744.jpgMB-D12 D800-1745.jpgMB-D12 D800-1747.jpgMB-D12 D800-1749.jpgMB-D12 D800-1750.jpgMB-D12 D800-1753.jpg

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Awaiting the Pixel Vertax MB-D12 for D800

Purchased a D800 about 2 months back, has been waiting to add a vertical grip to it eversince. First heard about the Meike version, then saw the Pixel Vertax. I have had good experiences with Meike Grips from D300 to D700 . Waited for more reviews of the 3rd party grips before decided on this Pixel Vertax MB-D12. Made the purchase and now awaiting for its arrival. Will add my review of it soon. Cheers!

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