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Shooting Assignment : Singapore Beaches

I was given the assignment for shooting 4 beaches of Singapore. Punggol beach, Changi beach, Pasir Ris beach and East Coast. Started out early in the day, 7 a.m! With the Nikon D800 and 14-24mm, I set out with no idea that the d800 is going to amaze me during post processing that much. NEF […]

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Pixel Vertax MB-D12 Arrived

Received it after 2 weeks from ebay. First impression when opening the package : Wow! That’s a lot of bubble wrapping for some grip. The grip fits quite nicely to the body, I can see that its quite well made. There is the metal plate at the base of the grip which I think will […]

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Awaiting the Pixel Vertax MB-D12 for D800

Purchased a D800 about 2 months back, has been waiting to add a vertical grip to it eversince. First heard about the Meike version, then saw the Pixel Vertax. I have had good experiences with Meike Grips from D300 to D700 . Waited for more reviews of the 3rd party grips before decided on this […]

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