Shooting Assignment : Singapore Beaches

I was given the assignment for shooting 4 beaches of Singapore. Punggol beach, Changi beach, Pasir Ris beach and East Coast. Started out early in the day, 7 a.m! With the Nikon D800 and 14-24mm, I set out with no idea that the d800 is going to amaze me during post processing that much. NEF recording setting, lossy compressed. Well, I was thinking a 36 mp file is too huge to handle.. And shooting raw is already sufficient. Regretted that choice, now it leaves me wondering how much better the shadow details could have been for the HDR processing from Lightroom.

Right, the files were only processed in Lightroom. It sure feels like it went through some HDR processing. Enjoy!

One star-3145.jpgOne star-3149.jpgOne star-3152.jpgOne star-3158.jpgOne star-3165.jpgOne star-3177.jpgOne star-3196.jpgOne star-3198.jpgOne star-3204.jpgOne star-3207.jpgOne star-3218.jpg

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